Culture Clash Comedy – Sjoerd Scott and Rogier Bak

Comedians Sjoerd Scott and Rogier Bak are from two different cultures, but have the same passports. Ok, not literally the same passport, because– well, you’ll see. Sjoerd and Rogier are here to make you laugh at the differences that divided us, or more accurately, unite us.

About the Comedians

Sjoerd Scott
Don’t let his name fool you, he might be the only Sjoerd in the world who’s not Dutch! The young comedian is quickly taking over stages across the country, with his fresh and friendly style of comedy that catches you off-guard with his vivid demeanor and dry wit especially his online video skits about life in the Netherlands.

Rogier Bak
Rogier Bak is stand-up comedian from Amsterdam. He is Dutch, yes, but has worked incredibly hard to make sure you could never tell. Having spent his formative years the US, he feels like a foreigner in his home country. He may just be the only Dutch person who wishes he were American. He has opened for touring comedians like Max Amini and Tony Woods.


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