Hermes Ahmadi & Fedor Ikelaar – Crossing Cultures

Crossing Cultures: a double feature comedy show about travelling the world!
Fedor Ikelaar, a Dutch comedian, lived anywhere from Bulgaria to Nepal, while Hermes Ahmadi, an Afghan refugee, travelled through Asia and Europe to get to the Netherlands. Why Fedor wants to stay away from his native country while Hermes is doing his best to stay here? Find out at Pand P Eindhoven!

About the Comedians:
Internationally touring Dutch comedian Fedor Ikelaar, loved by audiences from Kathmandu to Cape Town, tells his Forrest-Gump-like true story of searching for his one true life path, only to find himself in one bizarre adventure after the other; from unintentionally relocating to Nepal to becoming a university teacher of a language he doesn’t know. Until finally it all comes to a head in Ukraine. Join Fedor for a wild ride that will have you captivated, emotional… and laughing your socks off.“Next level comedy!” – Kathmandu Times“Jokes that need to be told” – Ukrainian TV

Hermes Ahmadi is an Afghan-Dutch comedian touring with his special “You Might Be Here”, about all the silly stuff you have to do to become Dutch (like eating bitterballen without burning your mouth). He’s made to the finals of many comedy competitions and touring throughout the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany, his comedy is based on silly thoughts, true stories and social quirks.


donderdag 30 mei


20:00 - 22:00

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