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Onder de noemer ‘Pand P Podium’ krijgen lokale bands en muzikale acts in Pand P een podium om te spelen. Deze optredens zijn gratis te bezoeken, reserveren wordt wel aangeraden en kan via de link.

Vandaag op het programma:  Mari Ova

Mari Ova, Russian-born fusion-jazz singer and songwriter, the winner of more than 74 International and All-Russian music competitions and festivals, which took place in Russia, Israel, Sweden, Armenia, and Belarus. Member of the Russian Music Union. Michal Niedbala, Poland piano player and composer, started off his musical journey as a classical pianist, debuting with Plock Symphony Orchestra and “Gershwin’s Rhapsody in Blue” at the age of 15. Apart from his classical background, he is heavily inspired by Radiohead, A Tribe Called Quest and Esbjorn Svensson, while developing his music with his original project “Jazzbaja”. In October 2021, Mari and Michal became participants of Jong Metropole for the “Higher Ground” project with Michelle David (vocal/USA) and Ansgar Striepen (conductor/ Germany). Together they are prepared a duo program that consists of Mari’s original compositions and original arrangements of jazz standards and popular songs.


zondag 06 februari



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