The Korego Theater Group: MEDEA by Seneca

A torn sail is the backdrop to this theatrical representation of Seneca’s most famous
tragedy, Medea. A tragedy that even nowadays keeps on being a source of bewilderment for many, and offers many points of reflection. On the one hand Medea tells us the story of a betrayed woman that, blinded by jealousy, makes the most terrible gesture in order to get revenge. On the other hand, Medea is a story of social failures, of men and women clashing with different cultures, of marginalisation and oppression, of choices dictated by desperation, of seas crossed and lost hopes.
Medea speaks to us of archaic rites, of a nature that has lost contact with men, of rituals that descend into the abyss of pain and are lost in the insatiable desire for revenge. It speaks to us of a loss of identity and impossible returns. On a day of lucid madness the destiny of the protagonists unfolds in a story that will always be current and whose events will never cease to move us deeply.

The play is in Italian.


zondag 06 maart



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