Pand P Podium – Emine Bostancı: Dareyn Q.7

Dareyn combines the mystical sound of the kemenche – with its heritage of traditional music originating from Istanbul and the Silk Road – and the deep-rooted sound of the cello in a contemporary fashion. Their repertoire takes its inspiration from the beauty of modality, the dynamic character of bowing and the rich world of rhythms. Their
music, through blended improvisations and unique compositions, creates dialogues where the existence of unspoken narratives is present in the imagination of each listener. Dareyn’s first EP released in March 2021 under TRPTK label.

Dareyn’s latest collaboration features two renowned artists: Franz von Chossy and Vinsent Planjer. This collaboration adds a more jazzy flavor to Dareyn’s exotic palette.
The artists’ passion for creating the unexpected leads to a repertoire filled with
euphonic purity and bursts of high adrenaline, through poetic compositions and highly dynamic improvisations. The artists intent to trigger the deepest base human
emotions, from melancholy to ecstatic passion, journeying deeply into the realm of
dreams. This remarkable musical adventure will fully explore their creative reach in
blending classical, jazz, and world music.

Dareyn’s most recent repertoire with this new set up is an invitation into discovering one’s own story of life, death, and ultimately, Self. The sentimental compositions takes the audience on a journey into exploring their inner 7 heavens, from seed to growth into enlightenment. Each heaven activates its own quality, as represented by the planetary energies based on their historical, esoteric, and psychoanalytical stories and interpretations in Christian, Hindu, Islamic, Jewish, and African sources. Audience is welcomed by an inviting interlude that brings in the energy of birth, Oneness, light and softness; aimed at preparing the (body, mind, and) soul for the journey through the 7 heavens.

Line Up:
Emine Bostanci: Istanbul kemenche, Cretan lyra, vocal
Maya Fridman: cello, vocal
Franz von Chossy: piano
Vinsent Planjer: percussion set

Emine Bostanci (TR) plays the Istanbul kemenche in an unparalleled way, charming the instrument into channeling her purest emotions, leaving no heart untouched. Her voice etches itself deep inside your spirit. Her touch on the Cretan lyra blends her unique Ottoman-based style with the traditional Greek approach. Her lyricism leads to fairytale-like compositions, while her strong vision and determination transform ordinary musical pieces into spiritual awakenings.
Maya Fridman (NL) plays the cello not just with her implements, but with full mind and spirit, leaving her listeners gasping for breath after one of her celebrated high intensity performances. Her voice seamlessly connects with her instrument, raising the musical experience to a spiritual level. Her passion for new music has led to an unparalleled dynamic in her improvisation and compositional approach.

Franz von Chossy (DE) effortlessly applies his virtuosity to the jazz piano. His mastery of odd rhythms allows him to compose exactly what Dareyn’s uniquely blended soundscape requires, bestowing a silky smooth sound upon the most complex rhythmical structures. His hard-earned instinctual connection to jazz will add a unique layer to the formations’ improvisations.
Vinsent Planjer (NL) lends his meticulously assembled percussion set, in which he lavishly employs instruments from all over the world. Hisvast experience in blending jazz with world music traditions, paves the way for Euphonic Dream’s exhilarating rhythmical soundscapes, where separate musical styles have truly become one.

Ticket: € 6,50 (t/m 2 dagen voor concert) / € 8,00


vrijdag 29 september



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Pand-P Middenzaal
Leenderweg 65, Eindhoven
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