Pand P Podium – The Unexpected virtue of Ignorance

The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance is the trio of Massimiliano Dosoli (Clarinets) and Piero Conte (Guitar). And Matteo Paggi (Trombone, trumpet).

These three beautiful guys are all from Italy, but they met in the Netherlands and they became very good friends. Since the beginning they shared a similar vision of music and friendship and they always agreed in considering “Ignorance” as a wonderful and important value, that always was present in their life choices.

Ignorance in the celebration of randomness, the pathway to undiscovered places. Truth lays in this magical place between “the known” and “the unknown” and only with very conscious, daily practice and unconscious, ignorant choices Truth can be found.
The music of this trio takes element from traditional jazz language (Ellington, Monk) but is very influenced by contemporary rock, electronic music (Radiohead, Sigur Ros, Tom Waits).

Ticket: € 6.00



zondag 04 december



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Pand-P Middenzaal
Leenderweg 65, Eindhoven
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