The Irish American Show – Stand-up Comedy

Is there a difference in comedic style across the Atlantic? “The Americans have a dream, the American dream. The Irish don’t, they’re awake!

Eindhoven is to host its first and last IRISH-AMERICAN COMEDY Show before the world ends! Touring Irish & American comedians & their friends bringing you the laugh.

SID SINGH and friends!!

After helping beat Donald Trump in court and making people laugh, Sid Singh (Comic Relief, BBC, Comedy Central) is back with a brand new show all about geniuses, idiots, and conspiracies! Come watch the show that will make you laugh and hopefully wonder if it is even possible to actually hack the US Supreme Court!

Sid’s shows have sold out all across two continents, 15 countries, and 35 cities. So what’s your excuse?


vrijdag 13 mei



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